Nadine Dody MA, MFT, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Perserverance  builds character; character builds hope

This list is not a guarantee that your insurer will pay for your treatment.  Furthermore, I may be on some panels not listed here.  Please verify with your insurance company directly. 
Aurora EAP]
BDA Shepell
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cascade Centers EAP
Cigna, Cigna EAP
Magellan, Magellan EAP
Morneau Shepell EAP
Providence Plans
Reliant Behavioral Health EAP- in process
United Behavioral Health
*Many insurance panels offer out of network benefits at a lower rate of coverage so that you can see non-panel providers if you choose.  I willbe happy to bill your insurance provider for you.  If you do not see your insurer listed here and/or you are not sure if you have out of network coverage, please check with your insurer directly. 

180.00 per session
Payment is due at the beginning of each session by check or cash.  Please have your payment ready prior to the session so we can use the full session for treatment.  Reduce rates can be negotiated for hardships

No Show or Late Cancel:   $50.00 fee for late canceling an appointment and $100.00 no show fee.  Insurance companies do not pay for cancelled or missed appointments. 

Telephone calls : with you or to other professionals on your behalf which are greater than 15 minutes in length may be charged at the same rate as regular sessions.

Reports, letter, forms:   25.00  charge per form will be charged for any documents that need to be prepared on your behalf. 
This fee is not typically covered by insurance.